The Girlfriend Hat: Mom’s Night Out

We were one mom down on Saturday night, but we kept the tradition alive: Mom’s Night Out! As I’m looking back to last time we did this (seen here), I realized that we haven’t gotten together without our husbands and babies since October 2010. October. 2010! Wow. So, the night was young and we decided a mom’s night out was in order.
We went a local wine bar called, The Living Room and chatted over dim-lit candles, bruschetta, wine (and wine and wine!) and questionable chocolate. We danced in our seats, made fun of our waiter and we passed around our phones to show pictures of the babies. Just once. The best part of the night? No one was clinging to our leg, we didn’t change any diapers and we didn’t have to clean up after ourselves.
It was a much-needed night out with great friends. Thanks to our men for playing babysitter all night long.

Jenn, me, Jamie, Hillary


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