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Allow me to introduce you to a product that has touched my heart. As an avid shopper, and a loving mother – this is a product that I would love to have: and so, I am giving one to you. It is called the Touch Fingerprint Necklace by Womily. It’s a necklace that features your little one’s fingerprint in silver or gold. This concept was created by a Tiffany & Co. veteran (and mother of two) as a way for women to proudly wear the imprint of someone who has touched their lives. I’ll be giving away this Sterling Silver Touch necklace, $140 value.


  1. Leave a comment on this post with the relationship of a woman who has touched your life in a positive way (i.e., your second grade teacher, your mother, your pet beagle named Cindy Loo).
  2. Check back on November 18 to see if you’re the winner!


  • Giveaway closes at 7pm PST on Wednesday, November 17
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  • The winner will announced on this blog on Thursday, November 18
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30 thoughts on “The Giveaway Hat: Touch Fingerprint Necklace – CLOSED


    This is a blog post I wrote about my mom on MOthers Day this year. . .

    It’s a different kind of Mother’s Day around these parts, with a little boy bun in the oven and all. But still, Mother’s Day is a day (or weekend) that I get to spend with my mom and celebrate our relationship. Our bond, telepathy, emotional connection, friendship, inside jokes and respect runs much too deep to explain or communicate with others. We know it. We are thankful for it everyday.

    I have especially been reminded of how thankful I am for her in these past seven months when Joe and I are mentally and physically readying ourselves for this new addition to the Casa de Glascock. It has been a very special time for us.

    Maybe it has been more special to me because there used to be a time when we didn’t think we would get to share this special mother/daughter experience. There used to be a time where one of her goals was to live long enough to see me get married and settle in with a loving husband and family. Fast forward about 9 years and I sit here forever grateful for the extra time we were given. Thankful for the role model she is and has ALWAYS been to me. Thankful for the confidence she implanted in me at a very very young age. Thankful for every single little attribute and characteristic that I inherited from her.

    Looking ahead, it’s is hard to not be consumed by thoughts of the type of mom I want to be. There are many women that I have gotten to know that I admire and find myself mentally noting their awesome mothering techniques. But, really- it all comes back to her.

    She’s a mom, but she is always a wife. She’s easy going, but she is strong and admired by everyone that knows her. She was a mom that knew when it was time to become a friend. And a mom that knew when it was time to step in and be the mom. She made me feel loved, important, protected, disciplined, and deserving of a good man. She has the softest hands. She always smells good. Her hums – while she is working- are the most soothing lullabies. And lets face it, I really hope I end up looking younger as the years go by, just like her. And thats just the truth.

  2. my mother.. growing up i guess you could say that we werent close.. i couldnt give u a reason thats just the way it was.. but as i got older in my late teens i realized that i was lucky to have a mom that loved me no matter what and that there were some people out there who wished that they had that.. when i was 24 and got pregnant with my first child the moment i found out.. i ran from my BF house(around the corner) back home in tears.. they were tears of fear.. to tell her.. i woke her up it was 10 @ night and my B-day and the first thing that she told me was not to cry and to go to my dr in the morning to make sure.. (i was engaged to my hubby but still living at home so just the thought of bringing a child into the world scared me.. ohh and so did my father..(he old fashioned.) but the nex day when i confirmed and my dad started to get upset and said some uncalled for things(which i will not repeat) she got up and said now if your mother had thought that way when she got pregnant with you, you wouldnt be here.. so dont say them things to her.. from that moment on i knew that no matter what my mother would always stand up for me and fight for me..

  3. The woman who has touched me is my mother. She raised me 100% on her own since I was 8 years old and was left with 2 kids, no degree and no $$. She worked 3 jobs, went to college and raised two crazy girls. We never went without. I even remember my mother donating plasma for money so that I could go to the movies with my friends. My mother is a passionate, successful and hard working woman today! I love you mom.

  4. I know it’s a typical response but my mom is my hero. She is the one that can build me up, inspire me and calm me down like few other people can. If I could be a quarter or even less of the mom she is, I would be thrilled!

  5. I would say that many women have touched my life. My family and my girlfriends each have a quality about them that I am inspired by, motivated by, encouraged by, helped by….and made me want to better myself.

    My MOM is always trying to help others in need and does the best she can.

    I admire my STEPMOTHER who is one of the strongest and friendliest woman I know. She survied breastcancer and the death of her brother who had a battle with illness over the past few years. She never missed a beat, never showed her struggles, and still gave everyone her best and lots of love.

    My best friend MELANIE is the most selfless person I know. She would literaly take her shirt off and give it to you.

    My SISTER is a really good listener and is the best at nursing people back to health (she is a nurse) always there when u really need her to take care of you.

    My GRANDMOTHERS for showing how powerful women really can be, having/ raising 6 and 8 children (and too many grandchildren to count) and making it look effortless. And the courage they have for losing their husbands(my grandpas) and continuing to survive and give love<3.

    I could go on about the qualities in every woman I encounter that I wish I had and admired but it would never end:)

  6. By far my mother has touched my life more than I could ever express in words. She has been a role model to show me how you can be successful at work and at home. My mother always had breakfast ready for us got us off to school, had dinnner every night, did homework with us, all while my Dad traveled every week for work and then was one of the top sale people at a very successful pharmaceutical company.

    She is always one to do something for us vs. something for herself and would do anything for my brother and I. She’s the best mom, one of my best friends and someone I just could not live without.

  7. My best friend Lisa has made a huge impact in my life. We met in college. The minute we met I knew we were destined to become great buds. She has been there for me through heartbreak, career dilemas, marriage, and now kids. I can call her any hour of any day for any reason and I know she’ll be there. She has handled some seriously tough situations in her own life with grace and integrity. She’s the kind of friend that makes you want to be a great friend. She treats everyone she knows with respect, she cares about our world and the environment and does her best to make it a better place. I cherish my friendship with Lisa. I feel like I am better for knowing her. She brings joy, peace , comfort, and fun to my world. I wish all woman had a friend in their corner like her, the world would be a better place for it!

  8. A woman that has touched my heart is my sister. She has always been a thoughtful and caring sister, friend, daughter, granddaughter, and more. Recently she has had a tough time with life, to say the least. I admire her courage to push through the bad days and her ability to find a way to laugh at life when it gets her down. Despite her problems right now, she still has straight A’s in her classes at USD and is moving onward and upward. I admire her for her strength and positive attitude. Go Hem 🙂

  9. Where to begin…MOM, she is my rock. She has been there to support, encourage, love, nurture, mentor, discipline, listen and guide me every step of the way in this journey called life. If I did not have her to talk to 10 times daily, not sure what I would do. She is the first call in the AM and last in the PM. We talk about everything or nothing at all, just knowing we have each other means the world to me. I thank God every day for the many blessings in my life and am so grateful for my mother.

    She has provided me with an amazing life and every opportunity to experience life in the brightest of ways; providing me structure and boundaries, keeping me on track for a bright future and though I did not understand and appreciate it then, I sure do now. My mom and I have shared millions of talks which is one thing I have always appreciated so very much, nothing is off limits. I knew I could always depend on her to listen and discuss with me everything I needed to know about lifes lessons. We still talk about everything and could not imagine life without an open door. I will always be there for my children to listen and talk. I find this monumental in my life.

    Now that I am a mother, I strive to be the BEST mother to my little girl, like my mother has always been for me. I am grateful that she has provided me the tools to be such a confident mother myself. To listen, nurture, teach, guide, encourage, provide, inspire, model, etc. these are the attributes my mother has provided and expressed, which now I find extremely important to pass on for my children. I sure hope to be a mother just like my own.

    Life throws us all curve balls, but she has always stayed strong for her children. As I see it, her goal has always been to create a happy home, a lovely, strong, faithful family, values, and morals and hoped she had given her all for us to become great human beings, which she did. God has always been a massive part of our lives as well, which I am thankful for, a strong foundation for our family.

    I look back through all the many outstanding years with my mother and she is the strongest woman I know with never ending love. I am so very proud of the woman she has always been. As I look at my beautiful daughter I am confident, I am the best mother I can be for her because I have the necessary tools my mother has modeled for me. She has taught me what confidence and love is and how to raise beautiful hearted, confident, faithful, strong children. I surely hope my children have as much respect and love for me as I do for my mother (parents)! I love my life and have my parents to thank for that.

    She is my best friend and beyond outstanding grandmother/mother to my baby and I. I could go on for hours. Wow, long, but love love to share my thoughts on this topic!

  10. Several women have touched my life, there’s my mom, of course, and my grandmother. These two women have taught me how to be my own person, how to be strong, how to be a loving wife, and an amazing mother. Both women have raised strong intelligent children, me included!! And now, they are both there to help me raise my amazing child.

  11. I walked into a little boutique local to me in Atlanta a few months back and saw a necklace that I immediately said, “I have to have that!” Little did I know that a few short months later my dear friend would be giving one away on the most creative and darling blog I’ve ever seen! Aside from the adorable star (Kelsey), you, Steph have touched my life with your passion for life, your love for God, and your perseverence to be the best mom and wife possible. Steph….you are a woman that has touched my life and I miss you all the time. Although we no longer have the late night Buddha trips or the long talks about boys, I am constantly impressed with your ability to stay in touch through your blog and with your dedication to share your life with those that you surround you. If I ever could squeeze in some time between work and Kingdom Kids, this would be something that I would love to dedicate myself to thanks to your inspriation. But in the meantime, I’m keeping my sanity by having some “me” time at the office a few days a week and fufilling my desire to help others with less fortunate circumstances in my local community. But in the back of my mind, know that you always inspire me just by being “you” and I hope that we can someday get our little girls together to play mommies and wives in style 🙂 xoxo

  12. I feel very blessed every day to be surrounded by wonderful women! The woman who has most molded my life however would have to be my amazing mom. She is the most generous, self-less, giving person I know and I see this more everyday now that I am a mom, too. Growing up I know there were many times I took her for granted; discounting her time, her patience, and her love for other things. And now when I look at my baby daughter I fully understand a mother’s love. I understand that unending bond with someone you love more than anything else in the world. My little girl has taught me about love, patience, happiness and laughter. But my mom taught me all of those things by showing me for 28 years what it means to be a strong, independent, loving, graceful, patient lady. She was preparing me for the most important job in the world…being a mom!

  13. This is such a neat giveaway! I feel incredibly fortunate to have so many amazing women in my life. I’ve been touched, inspired and molded by so many different women in my 27 years that it would be hard for me to choose the most inspiring or influential. My mother, my mother-in-law, girlfriends both old and new, mentors and even those women I’ve simply watched and admired from a distance have each impacted my life in ways they can’t imagine. Each day, I learn by watching and listening… taking little bits of these women and folding them into my life, personality and way I look at the world. During each phase of my life, I’ve leaned on different women for advise and to get me through that time and thank each of them from the bottom of my heart.

  14. Love this idea!! The necklace is fabulous- I want it!

    As for someone who has impacted my life most- I would love to be different and say a teacher, a friend, or even my wonderful husband.. but the truth is- my mom really has had the biggest impact on my life- and touched me the most.

    I lost my courageous mom this past August to Ovarian Cancer. She was a fighter- and never doubted for a second that she couldnt win her battle. She logged her journey with cancer in a blog ( and truly lived every day as if it were the best day of her life. She has taught me so much I dont even know where to begin…

    The best part of having a mom as a hero- is that I now have to live up to her- slip on her shoes, and become the hero my mother was to me.. to my baby girl, Dyllan.

  15. I have so enjoyed reading all of the posts to this give away. There are many people in my life who have left fingerprints all over my life. When I designed this necklace it was with Moms in mind, but as the product has caught on there are many others who use it..some happy and some tragically sad.

    I hope whomever wins it wears it with love and pride.

  16. Very cute idea for a mommy necklace! Like most have already said on this blog, there are too many women in my life that have had a great influence on me. A lot of life lessons learned and am so thankful for them whether they have been positive or negative. I hope my daughter, Kylie, will also be blessed with many amazing and inspiring women to look up to.

  17. Like so many others I would have to same my mom. She has been not only a positive influence in my life but in others lives as well. My mom was diagnosed with breast cancer while I was in my teens. The strength that she showed during this difficult time was of that of a true champion, someone who got up each day even when she couldn’t. She fought through this battle and became more than my mother but my idol. Following this challenge she continued to fight as different members of our family faced challenges of her own. She even tirelessly helped close friends fight their own battles with cancer, some until the bitter end. Through the years my warrior continues to fight, against skin cancer, a heart bipass and other family drama. The amazing part is she is never concerned with herself but always with “how everyone is doing”. My mom has tought me lessons no school can ever teach. My only hope is that I someday turn into at least HALF of the woman, mentor and friend that she is.

  18. The woman who has touched my life the most is my younger sister. It’s weird to call her a woman but at 25 years old, I guess she is. As much as I would like to say that I have taught her as much as I can, I think that she has taught me more that she will ever know.

    I don’t have a relationship with our mother, and as much as I wish that I did, my sister has been there as a constant support regardless of what the situation is.

    This past year has been a full of highs and lows and through it all she has been there for me to celebrate the birth of my beautiful daughter and give me a shoulder to cry on when I needed it.

    I hope that I can teach my daughter how to carry herself with the same grace and dignity that my sister has. I love her more than she will ever know and cherish our relationship as one of the most precious things in my life.

  19. Since I do not have children of my own, I have enjoyed being a “favorite” aunt to many of my nieces and nephews. One of my nieces, Katie, stole my heart many years ago and could easily have been my daughter in her rolly polly baby fleece sleeper with those chubby cheeks and big smile! I was delighted that she wanted ME to hold her and play with her all the time. Unfortunately her dad, my brother, died many years ago and much too soon. When Katie got married, she had me walk her down the aisle in place of her dad or rather in his memory. I was so honored and touched! Katie now owns her own business and has grown into the most amazing and kind young woman. I am so proud of her, she has brought such joy to my life and she still has that big gorgeous smile that also reminds me so much of my brother. Katie has left her print on my heart for sure!

  20. My best friend Margaret has had a tremendous impact on my life. I met her years ago, 1989,when the Bay Area (San Francisco) experienced te Loma Prieta earthquake. A few young women, including myself had gathered at my church to strategize how we could be of help to those that had been misplaced by the earthquake. We took to the streets and found this young lady standing outside her apartment holding a “rabbit ” coat. She had grabbed it as she fleed from her apartment during the rumble of the quake.As we approached her, all she kept repeating was that she wasnt going anywhere without her fur! (Thank God PETA was nowhere around) although she was very serious, we couldnt help but break into laughter at her rantings…eventually, she found it funny too and we became fast friends.
    She became a member of my church and we have shared many experiences as best buds…(who would have known that ME, the Vegetarian, would become buds with the RABIT lady!)
    I became ill(kidney failure) and had an infant child and I couldnt beat Margaret off with a stick! She was my constant…taking me to doctors appointments,picking up my baby from daycare, etc…praying for me and my daughter. My baby is now a full time college student. These days Margaret and I dont get to talk as much, although still best friends, but she seems to sense when I’m in need. Just last night my daughter and I were talking about how she wanted me to cook her a turkey. ….I told her I’d get it as soon as I could.
    My phone rang this morning and it was Margaret…She said that she had been offered a turkey and the trimming and she didnt need it…she wanted to know if I could use it. Of course, I said YES and thanked her. Whats amazing about her is that she manages to care so much for others while struggling with sickle cell disease herself and a child with a rare blood disease…..oh, and she takes care of her ailing father!
    I thank God for the day we went to rescue her….cause every since then , she’s been rescuing me right back!

  21. Hands down the woman who has had the most impact on my life is my beautiful mother. She is the most caring, wonderful woman I have ever met; however another person who has left her fingerprint on my life was my second grade teacher, Mrs. Barker.
    As a child, I was struggling with reading. Mrs. Barker took the time to come to my house and tutor me. She had such a unique way of helping me understand and had wonderful patience when I would become frustrated. After we finished our tutoring for the day, Mrs. Barker would stay at my house for the entire afternoon so me and my sisters, or whatever friend might be over, could swim! Now teachers generally treasure their summers away from school, where they can refresh themselves for another school year… but not Mrs. Barker. She loved children and it showed

  22. Im sorry my fingers are really struggling to not hit the submit button! I will trying my hardest to get this typed without doing it again!
    Sooooooo…. as I was saying, Mrs. Barker had pity in her eyes but had a smile on her face and said, “Oh honey, is your mommy out of town?” With tears in my eyes, I shook my head yes and she said, “Don’t you worry sweetheart, I will take care of it.” It was then Mrs. Barker signed not only me but my sister, who was in a different class, up for “retake” pictures. She was such a wonderful woman who I would still go see years later to see how life was treating her. Which reminds me, it might be time for another visit.
    Thank you Steph for giving all of us an opportunity to praise these amazing women in our lives. For me, while I would love this necklace for the growing baby in my belly, it was more fulfilling to be able to share this story of this amazing teacher and woman who will forever have her fingerprint on my heart.

  23. Sorry this is actually the second page of the post, for some reason it did not post the middle part of my story :ol
    What I had started typing was my favorite memory of Mrs. Barker.
    On occasion my mom would have to go out of town for work. Of course it just so happened she had to go out of town on the day of my second grade picture day at school. My wonderful father did his very best to make his girls look beautiful for their pictures; however, he failed, miserably. So my sister and I went to school, worried about the inevitable pictures to come.
    When I walked into my class, Mrs. Barker saw me and walked over. She had pity in her eyes but a smile on her face.

    The story continues above on the third attachment…. sorry for the confusion….

  24. My sister turned me on to your blog a while back. I enjoy it very much.

    I am inspired by my mother who is also my best friend. I could not get through life without her and could not imagine my journey without her direction.
    This past Spring, we got to travel to Paris, France together- the first out of the country experience for both of us. . . And it was magical.
    I have a son of my own that I hope to be an inspiration to as he lives out his life. I am a lucky lady.

  25. A woman that has shaped my life (one of many) is my 91 year old grandmother. She is an amazingly giving person. She is so active. She goes on email and facebook and even mows her own 4 acre lawn! Her tenacity for life inspires me during the days where I feel tired and run down. How can I be tired and run down when my 91 year old grandmother is re-arranging her furniture in her living room.
    I know I have good genes, but I also know that I come from a woman who has an amazing heart. . . and amazing energy.
    I have three children of my own, and its been so wonderful for them to have an inspiring great-grandmother to look up to. Not many people get to be around a great-grandmother, so this is a special time.

  26. I have loved reading everyone’s comments and stories. It is awesome to be reminded of the people who have left their fingerprints on our lives and hearts. My grandma was on of my best friends and we spoke on the phone daily until she died 12 years ago. She listened to the everyday things in my life, celebrating the highs and cushioning the lows. It is amazing to me how we need incredible support as children since we can’t do everything on our own but it is as an adult that I have seen how much I could use her wisdom. Her love was unconditional and her support unwaivering. It is so incredible to see my mom as a grandma to my 18 month old niece because I see her mom in her.

  27. My daughters are the biggest source of joy and inspiration for me as a mother and a grandmother of 10!
    Each of my kids suprise me each day with their wit and wisdom. They push me to try new things and that keeps me young and on my feet.
    I loved meeting you at my daughter,sami’s shower. She always forwards me your unique baby items and cute things from this blog! Sure would love to have my newest grandson’s print in this necklace.