The Holiday Hat: Too Soon to Decorate?

Your Facebook news feed might be full of people complaining about holiday decorations already in retail stores. But you won’t see any of those posts from me. Because Halloween decorations = fall. Which = cooler weather. Which equates to me being that much closer to being done with this uncomfortable amazing pregnancy number 2.

That said, I put these adorable little men on my mantle and my husband immediately ran up to them and said, “Nooooo! It’s way too early for this. Steph, come on, at least wait until summer is over.” Do you agree with him?

I just put them back on the mantle regardless. Shh.

4 thoughts on “The Holiday Hat: Too Soon to Decorate?

  1. It’s never to early to plan. Execute your ideas a month to a month and a half early. Why? Because after all the hard work it takes to make and place items in a yard and house. You deserve to show them off and give people enough time to see and appreciate them. It also motivates others to decorate or get more ideas.