The Hostess Hat: I love/ hate these straws

Ready for the most random, most insignificant thought of the day? I have a beef with party paper straws. I told you, this was dumb. But it’s really bothering me!

On one hand, I think they are super pretty. They jazz up any cocktail and in fact – I bought some for my office kitchen and use them more as decoration than anything else. But, lately – I use them and I hate them.

The tip gets soggy after a certain amount of time and actually “pinches in” or rather starts to dissolve so you can’t use it anymore. And, if you put ice in your drinks (and who doesn’t), the straw will start to dissolve in the area where the ice surrounds it most. Annoying, right?

It’s a straw! It should work. This post really has no relevance to your life but seriously – these things bother me! I keep using them because I love them (and they are crowd pleasers) but then I curse them out and throw a fit every time they “close up” on me mid-sip. I can’t quit these.

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