The Housewife Hat: How to Remove Water Marks

This is an ah-ha moment!
I left a glass of water sitting on my dining room. Sans a coaster. Egh! I’m married to Mr. Rules, so there are coasters  for use on every table in the house. Yet, I forgot. The glass left a horrible water mark on my wood table. My mother came over the other day and said, “Just put mayonnaise on it.” Excuse me, but you want me to put mayo on my wood table? Did I hear that right?

(To this day, I still question my mother. Haven’t I learned yet?)
As I rolled my eyes and walked to the refrigerator, I grabbed the Light Mayo. I spread a spoonful on the water mark, and I patted it lightly with a paper towel (almost gagged at the smell) and then … voila!!! The water mark was gone. Vanished. My table is now as clean as new.


Now, take away the pots, the pans, the random ‘business casual’ outfit to clean, the apron, the brown hair, the husband starring at me through the window … and you’ll get an idea of how I felt upon seeing my new discovery.

2 thoughts on “The Housewife Hat: How to Remove Water Marks

  1. I almost died when I read this. Mayo is apparently our families answer to all things. I still remember being sunburned when I was about 5yr and grandma insisted rubbing the stuff on my face would cure it. Mind you I had a deep hatred of mayo and its smell. It’s nice to know that the tradition of its magical powers is still being carried on.

  2. OK i have never heard of this but it is a useful peice of imformation that i will put away for when the day comes that i might nee it, heres a tdbit for you, whenever on of my daughters bumped their head as a baby(forhead) my MIL used to tell me to put butter & salt on it so that it wouldnt get a lump, nd lo and behold it never failed, it may have become a little bump but not an egg sized bump.. thats one piece of advice i will never forget