The Mom Hat: Some Mornings

Some mornings go like this: You are all dressed for work, laptop bag in hand, about to run out the door, when you look back at your little Princess eating Cheerios at the big girl table. You have to stop. You cancel your morning trip to Starbucks and risk being late to work. Because, this moment is too precious to rush by.

You pull up a chair and talk about all of the great things she will do at school today. You pour a bowl of Cheerios for yourself and laugh at who can get the biggest bite in their mouth at one time.

You say, “what the heck” and move your morning meeting back 30 minutes so you can chat some more with your daughter. You promise you’ll pick her up from school and together, with Daddy, you’ll go out for pizza and ice cream to celebrate the weekend.

Yep, some mornings are just this good.

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