The Shopper Hat: Crib Toys

There are certain toys I am thankful for. Some help baby fall asleep, some cradle her, some entertain her – pretty much all of them encourage her to learn. But, if I’m being honest …  before I had a baby I was a visual snob. I swore my living room would never look like a daycare. And I always wondered why baby toys had to be such obnoxious colors. But now, they are everywhere! I have toys for every hour of the day. Here is a must-have for me.

It’s a $40.00, “Fisher-Price Precious Planet Music and Motion Soother“. Money well spent. Besides, nothing is more rewarding than watching your child look at something with such interest. It’s amazing. So amazing, that I don’t even care that the colors of this toy totally clash with my nursery theme.

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