The Mommy Hat: Preparing for a Party!

Tomorrow is the big day! Kelsey’s first birthday party. Today, I took off work and I’m busy tying up loose ends. Remember the dirty man duties I have to do? Weeds, bathrooms, etc? Well, problem solved! A cleaning crew is coming to clean the bathrooms and the house and the cold weather killed all of our plants. Not that visual appealing, but it means no yard work for me! I love when things work out. I’m so excited that my little bug is turning one. I feel like a proud mamma every single day and tomorrow’s birthday party will be no exception.  Does this mean she is no longer a baby, but rather (gasp!) a toddler? Mom is not ready for that just yet. I’ll call her a boddler. A baby toddler.
Watch out world, this girl’s coming to get ya!

3 thoughts on “The Mommy Hat: Preparing for a Party!

  1. Steph! I’m so sad we won’t be able to be there tomorrow. Thanks for the invite and let’s please get together soon! Yes?? Have so much fun!! And yes, she IS a toddler I am afraid. lol! Take lots of pictures! xo