The Mommy Hat: Retiring Toys

Remember that crib toy that I loved so much? Well, I came into her room the other day to find her trying to reach it. She had propped herself onto her knees and streeeeetched until she was almost there.

Who me?

In an effort to keep her safe, we lowered her crib to the lowest setting possible. It didn’t take long (about an hour) for her to figure out that if she used her bumper has a ladder, she could reach her toy. Smart girl.

So, I’m afraid to say that I’m going to have to retire this toy. She is getting crib wounds from trying to reach it, and it’s freaking mommy out. It’s such a sad day when you have to box up your baby’s things because they have “out grown” them. I have three boxes full of clothes and now I have to box up toys? Here are a few other things I’ve had to say, “see ya next time” too.

  • The Bumbo Chair
  • Floor/play mats
  • The Fisher-Price Lamb Swing
  • Pacifiers (she’s not interested anymore)

But, don’t feel sorry for her just yet, she has so many new toys she can’t find room on the floor to play!

Plus, I’m headed to the store this weekend to find more interactive toys that encourage early development learning and spark her interest. If you have any suggestions for an active 7-month old, please let me know!

2 thoughts on “The Mommy Hat: Retiring Toys

  1. I’m loving your blog and I have to say for a house with pets, that looks like an incredibly clean floor! Our baby is still pretty much confineable?) to blankets and playmats (as long as I keep shifting her) I’m dreading the day she gets up and goes.

    1. Thanks, it’s so great to connect with other moms. The house only looks clean beacuse the rest of the floor was cropped out. 🙂