The Mommy Hat: Slowing Down Time

Today, I had a great day off work. I spent the day with my co-workers at a Spring Training baseball game (photos to come). The best part? Getting ahead of traffic and being able to pick up my daughter from school early. As I walked in to her classroom, I found her dancing to the sounds of a musical puppet. She loves music, and now, she loves to dance.
I picked her up and we went to a furniture store that I’ve been anxious to visit. I know I know … not fun, right? But, she loved it. After we came out of the store, I spotted a little grassy area and we sat down. Just us. Two girls hanging out in the grass of an outdoor shopping center. Of course, I snapped some photos from my phone.
There was this large clock nearby that “dinged” and “donged” when it was 5:30PM. She loved the sound of the clock, but didn’t understand where it was coming from. Then, like two girls after a long day of shopping, we got up from the grass and walked away. Walked! In baby’s right hand was her sipppy cup and on her left wrist was her bracelet. Happy as can be. I reached down and put my hand to hers. She took it, and we walked hand in hand to the parking lot. Just two girls hanging out and slowing down time.
These are the moments I live for. This is the time I treasure. And to think, I get to have a lifetime of more memories like this. God is good!

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