The Mommy Hat: ‘Sup Dudes!

Last Friday, baby got her 12-month shots. Momma just kicked back and relaxed as we waited in the doctor’s office. Why? Because these doctor’s visits are becoming a walk in the park. Sure, I dread having to give her shots. But, I’m getting better at it. I used freak out just thinking about the notion of pinning her down to the table while a stranger pricked her leg with a vaccine. Ask me about her day 3 doctor visit – where they pricked her foot for some blood test. I cried the entire time. I was worse than she was! In fact, the nurse turned to me and said, “First child? It gets easier, I promise.”
Now, these visits are easier. I know she will cry for a second. I know she will stop immediately when I pick her up and hug her. I know she’ll be perfectly fine the minute we get into the car. I also rest assured with a little secret: I give her some Tylenol before it’s shot time. The pediatrician said it was okay to do. It works for me.
Yes, the fear of the unknown will never go away with parenting, but it does get more comfortable. I’m starting to feel more at ease being a mother. Being someone’s mom. A very important, beautiful and wonderful someone.

Momma kicking back

Want the stats? Baby girl is a little over 1 years old and is …

  • 22 lbs (50-75%)
  • 31 1/2 inches (95+%)
  • And as healthy and happy as ever!


2 thoughts on “The Mommy Hat: ‘Sup Dudes!

  1. That means you are doing a great job, mom! Keep up the good work. I can’t wait for these two little chubsters to get together and play.