The Mommy Hat: Weekend Bliss

Baby woke up at 5:30 am to let us know it was Saturday. That was nice of her, don’t you think? Mommy is having her morning coffee, checking emails and then hitting the gym. I used to feel guilty about working out. Mainly because I was leaving baby behind. But then I read an article from “Working Mother” magazine that really struck a chord. A healthy mommy is a happy mommy. I want to be able to chase her around the park. Run up and down the mall looking for the perfect prom dress. Hit the slopes with her for a weekend of skiing. I can’t be there for her 100% unless I’m also there for myself. Even working out has a new meaning when you have a baby on board.

So, from our family to yours: We hope you have a healthy and happy weekend, full of little things that make it a weekend of bliss.

Rise and shine!