The Mommy Hat: While You Were Sleeping

Unless you’re a mother with a sick baby, or a 21-year-old celebrating your birthday, chances are you were asleep between the hours of midnight and 5am last night. We weren’t. We spent the hours of midnight – 3am trying to calm down a baby. Then, the hours of 3:45am – 5:15am in Urgent Care. Our baby caught Croup. What’s Croup? Croup is a condition that causes swelling of the voice box (larynx) and windpipe (trachea). The swelling causes the airway below the vocal cords to become narrow and makes breathing noisy and difficult. Most commonly, this is due to an infection.
Poor baby.
But, what a trooper! When we arrived at urgent care, baby had rosy cheeks, a runny nose, low-grade fever and the saddest puppy dog eyes you have ever seen. She looked miserable, but was in good spirits. The doctor gave us two breathing treatments for her. Both she took at the hospital. The first was a steroid to reduce the swelling in her larynx. The second was a breathing mask that we put over her mouth for five minutes. The machine put out vapors that calmed her down and eased her breathing.
Then, we went home. Only to get up 56 minutes later for work. I, luckily, worked from home while my husband went in to the office. He’s prepping for a mini-preventative “surgery” tomorrow so he has been out of commission all night. Kelsey bug is in better spirits, but still breathing heavy. We have walked outside, sat in front of the freezer (cold vapors), sat in a bathroom and soaked up the steam, and now we are putting her to bed. There is a humidifier in her room, so we’re hoping that calms her down.
It’s going to be another long night. Please keep us in your thoughts and prayers. I want nothing more than this virus to leave my perfect little baby’s body. It just breaks my heart, as a mother, to listen to her cry and know there is only so much that I can do. It’s the hardest part of this job. Truly.

This is where we were all night. Great place. But, I don’t want to go back.

10 thoughts on “The Mommy Hat: While You Were Sleeping

  1. poor thing, is she getting any better? i couldn’t imagine how you guys are feeling right now, exhausted, stressed, worried. hang in there friend!


    1. I think she is getting a little better. We had to drive around the neighborhood about 3x tonight trying to calm her down for bedtime. She is sleeping now. Wish us luck! 🙂 Thanks for your concern and thanks for asking. I’ll keep you posted.

  2. My little one is taking amoxicillin for an ear infection due to congestion –living in California isn’t always exciting as the weather is like a roller coaster but we are blessed! Anyhow, he was also given albuterol for coughing but to be honest with you I only give it to him on a ‘as needed basis’ which is also what the pharmacist recommended. Last night, he kept waking up because of the cough but I had already given him the medicine, I put my ears close to his chest and now I am worried because I could hear a little wheezing and his little heart was beating so fast. I put him on my chest to calm him down and he did but also after I cleaned his nose and put on some baby spray (like the one for adults – saline drops) and that seemed to help him a lot. Should I head back to the doctor’s office? I mean, that cough is making me very nervous and after reading your post, I got to thinking that this may be something else …??? Your advice would be helpful, if you have some time.
    Thanks and God Bless!

    1. Hi Gigi! My thought is, it can’t hurt to ask. I would take your little one to the doctor. It could be nothing – or it could be something. I hope your little one feels better. I relate to you and know how hard it is to see a baby sick. Hang in there and let your maternal insticts lead the way.

  3. Poor little munchkin! I’m so sorry that she had such a rough night the other day (sorry just getting caught up on your blog)! I hope that she is doing much better now and back to her usual happy self! We missed you!

  4. I just saw this post:( Definitely the hardest part about being a mom:( I didnt know she was so sick…Zac was about the same time its sooooo sad!