The Mother Hat: A Brave Mother’s Story

I want to introduce you to someone. Her name is Heather. Her family is called, The Spohrs. I’ve never met her. I’ve never talked to her. I don’t even know where she lives. But, I do know all about her family. About how she had a beautiful baby girl (Maddie) and then lost her too soon to a severe respiratory infection. Maddie was just shy of celebrating her year and a half birthday. Devastating. Heather writes about this – and I read it, daily.
I have to warn you, if you choose to visit her blog – you will be hooked. She writes about love, loss and random things like how to put your hair in a bun. She writes about Motherhood. Husbands. And her second child, a gorgeous baby girl named Annie.
Here is her link, I think you’ll enjoy it: (make sure you click on the “About Us” tab to get to know her story).