The New Year Hat: What Fun 2011 Was!

2011 was an amazing year for many reasons. With a little bug in the house, most of it was a blur – but a precious, fabulous and exciting blur. Here’s a few things we did this year:

– we fought the croup and won!
– we finished teething (for now) – boy was that tough
– our baby went from ‘baby’ to toddler when she turned one!
– we learned all about science
– Kelsey walked for the first time on March 1!!!
– we finally figured out how to work the car seat
– we celebrated a 3-year wedding anniversary
– ryan turned 31, stephanie turned 29
– steph lost all the baby weight. (insert backflips here)
– we renovated our bathrooms (finally)
– ryan and i explored Austin, Texas for the first time
– kelsey was Queen for the Day (loved this photo)
– great-nana came to visit her baby girl
– kelsey told me she loved me for the first time
– we got hit by a Haboob. A rather large one too.
Brobee took over our life and her crib
– i attended the famous st. regis bridal shower
– stephanie went to vegas with ‘the girls’
– we are starting to design her toddler room, yipee.
– 8 adults, 4 kids go on a cabin retreat!
– for work, stephanie traveled to: boston, austin, orange county, san diego, los angeles, dallas & houston.
– i started motivational monday posts as a way to kick off the week
grandma betty moved in with my parents
– my dear friend, Colby, got married in San Diego!
– we battled hand, foot & mouth and won that too!
– ryan got pink eye 3 times, kelsey got it 2x and mom got it zero times
– i started a Parenting Confessions series on the blog
– our dog turned 3, our cat battled a horrible skin allergy (here)
– we took our second family holiday photo
first trip to disneyland, first time on an airplane with Kelsey, many, many firsts were had on this trip.

Wowza. A lot happened this year, didn’t it? It’s great to look back at all of the ups and downs of the year and count your blessings for each day you got to live it to its fullest. We are sure counting our blessings over here.

As God is our witness, we will continue to live it up in 2012, lift His name on high and work our hardest to be better people and parents. I can’t wait to see what 2012 has in store for us. I have a good feeling about this one … happy 2012 to you and yours.

Photo credit: Design Sponge