The Optomistic Hat: A Happy Exercise

Today, choose joy. Here’s how: Hold up your hand and name five things that make you happy. They can be big or small. Silly or serious. Whatever they are, look at each finger as you name them off.

Really focus on how awesome each “thing” is. I promise this will help lift your spirits … and I bet you can’t narrow it down to just five.

I’ll go first. 5 things that make me happy today.

1.  Kelsey’s funky hair do’ this morning
2.  My morning Starbucks venti skinny vanilla latte
3.  I have the day off work (hurray)
4.  I’m this close to kicking my nail-biting habit
5.  I have a Chipotle buy one get one free coupon 

You’re turn.

It’s really as simple as that. Maybe I’ll do this every morning. Now, there’s a thought. Have a wonderful weekend and enjoy yourself.

One thought on “The Optomistic Hat: A Happy Exercise

  1. It is funny you posted this because my husband and I, being non-religious, recently talked about how we needed our own version of “saying grace” to foster an attitude of gratitude in our home. This was inspired by a some research that I heard on “John Tesh” of all places, that found that people who kept gratitude journals, listing 5 things they were grateful for at least once a week, were 5 times more likely to be happy, contented, and less stressed out people. So kudos! Thanks for the reminder!