The Parenting Hat: Baby Tips

They say you learn something new everyday. THEY must have been first-time moms. I could write a book about the things I know now – and I’m only at month seven! I found this book (an oldie, but a goodie). It’s a comical guide on “Safe Baby Handling Tips”. This might make a great Christmas present for parents-to-be! They also have a book on pregnancy tips, funny stuff!

4 thoughts on “The Parenting Hat: Baby Tips

  1. This is SOOO funny! I am DYING laughing!!

    I can’t believe how big Kelsey is getting! She is sooo much further ahead of the game than Dyllan..hahah. (someone has to be in the 10 percentile.. right?!) Wish we lived closer- loving your blog!


  2. Dyllan is our miracle baby who has the brightest eyes and biggest cheeks around! I just want to pinch them and squeeze her. I am in love with her, just from the photos. From what I hear, you have the best behaved baby ever. I’m pretty jealous of that! 🙂 Miss you!