The Parenting Hat: Four Teeth Later

Almost nine months and four teeth later …he’s growing up right under our nose! He has literally slept through the night about six times since he’s been born (I know!). Ryan and I are dying over here. Have you ever been so tired that you felt sick? Us to.

But I think we are on the upswing because he’s got his two top and two bottom teeth. And if my memory serves me correctly, we shouldn’t expect any more for a while. This means sleeping through the night is going to happen any night now. Yep. Any. Night. Now.


OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAOLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERADo you see this teeth in this photo? The top ones? It’s so funny how different kids can be. Here is a photo flashback of Kelsey at 11 months old – the age she was when she started to cut her top two teeth. I think they look alike.

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