The Parenting Hat: Going to Nanni’s

Her bag is packed and she’s ready for a night out at Nanni’s and Grandpa’s house. I seriously don’t know what I would do without Grandparents. Kelsey is in a phase where she wants to crawl into our bed to sleep at night. This mom doesn’t believe in the family bed (plus, I hear it’s a horrible habit to break). So …

Every night after we tuck her in – we spend a good amount of time sitting in our room waiting for two little feet to come walking down the hall. Then, we greet her at our door and we march right back into her room and do the “tucking in” process all over again. I gave in one night and let her sleep in my bed and I truly think I was a zombie for two days after that.

It would be easier to cave in every night, but we’re sticking our ground. Although, I admit, it’s getting super exhausting. So, tonight – we are more than thankful for a full night’s rest while Kelsey stays and plays at her favorite Nanni’s house. Although … without her around, our house feels super empty.

5 thoughts on “The Parenting Hat: Going to Nanni’s

  1. I’ve heard putting a baby gate outside the door so that she can’t get out of the room is helpful. We accidently used reverse psychology on B. We put her bed together and then said she couldn’t sleep in it because he sheets weren’t clean. She freaked out and insisted on sleeping in it. Maybe tell her she’s not allowed??

    1. That’s hilarious! I love the little white lies that we come up with. I would do the baby gate, except she has to get up to go to the bathroom. Someone once told me that because we have a little one on the way, the toddler regresses a bit. Who knows. I’m hoping it’s a phase. I really like the “whatever you do, don’t sleep in your own bed” trick. 🙂

    1. I hear that same thing from so many people. We’re on day 15 of being the “tough guys” and I think we finally have moved on from that phase. Or, so I think …