The Parenting Hat: Is this cool or creepy?

I always thought keeping kid shoes in a frame was a little spooky. My grandma has gold baby shoes in a shadow box and for some reason it reminds me of ghosts. Anyway, I recently saw an idea to frame baby shoes as a growth chart and thought to myself: I could frame Kelsey’s pink TOMS now that she has outgrown them. Is this idea cool or creepy? I’m torn.

6 thoughts on “The Parenting Hat: Is this cool or creepy?

  1. I kid you not! I just bought a shadown box to put jacks first (real) pair of shoes. I think the first pair is a cute idea…esp cause shoes are so cute these days, versus old school…not creepy. I don’t think ill be keeping all of them in a frame. Little much for me. My mom kept mine, not in gold, but in my hope chest, and I love looking at them.

  2. Nana has your Dad’s and Pam’s first shoes in shadow boxes. Not bronzed though. I think it is charming and a wonderful memory.