The Parenting Hat: Kelsey Goes to Ikea

Have you ever taken a kid to Ikea – one of the largest furniture stores, ever. On a recent hunt for a storage bin, we took Kelsey bug to Ikea. We were there just before they closed, so we had the store to ourselves. If you have never seen a toddler in this store … let me tell you, they will go nuts over the kid’s section. I think she had more fun at Ikea than the Science Center (no offense, Science Center).

And yes, we had to say “bye bye, Ikea” about five times before we could get her to leave the store without a tantrum. She did great. I love how a normal day out, hunting for a storage bin, can turn into such an exciting adventure for baby.

3 thoughts on “The Parenting Hat: Kelsey Goes to Ikea

  1. You make your experience at Ikea with a toddler sound so fun and exciting! Ours always end a little differently…like with me vowing to never go to Ikea with a kid again, haha! It just seems impossible to get through that store in under 2 hours no matter what we go in for, and I lose focus when I’m pulling my kid off of every display in sight. But, you’re right it is one huge playroom for the kids 🙂

  2. The first time of doing something always seems exciting. But, I do know – I’m not sure I would go back again and actually try to shop. The shopping part seemed impossible! You’re totally right on.