The Parenting Hat: The Cup Song

Kelsey is only three. But she got invited to a 7-year-old birthday party. Now, I consider myself a ‘hip’ mom. A young mom who is tech savvy and up to speed on pop culture. But when it comes to pre-teens, I was about to find out how clueless I really am.

You see, I’m just getting the hang of this toddler-mommy thing. Our parties consist of bounce houses, pizza, princesses and play-doh. I had no idea seven-year olds watched You Tube, or even knew who Justin Bieber was. I was wrong. So wrong. In fact, I learned so much about Taylor Swift it’s unreal. And I learned about this new internet sensation these kids do.

Have you heard of the “Cup Song?” Apparently, you take a cup. Flip it over. And sing a song. You do this, over and over and over again. Weird, right? I don’t really get the sensation but these girls quickly taught me all about it. They grabbed a cup. Flipped it. And sang. Oh, how they sang.

Everyone covers this song on You Tube. Who knew. The father of the birthday girl played these cover songs for all to see, and the girls (including Kelsey) watched these videos like 598 times, all the while flipping their SOLO cups.

I must say, this party gave me a little sneak peek into my future. I’m not ready for this yet. I kind of like the way it is now. You know, everything Kelsey knows I know. I’m the coolest in the room. She has no clue who Justin Bieber is. You know, just like that. I hope it stays this way for a while.

We watched this video so many times >


the scene. then, we watched this video too.
,IMG_4640So excited to be with the big kids.

Little one on the left. She fit right in.
,IMG_4654So interested.