The Parenting Hat: The Mini Culprit

Getting our grass to grow back has been a pain. And, for the longest time, my husband has been getting so frustrated at our dog because the dog kicks up rocks into the lawn. The dog can’t help it, he has a lot of energy and just loves to run around the backyard like a loony person. Every other weekend, my husband has to spend hours picking rocks one by one from the grass before he can mow (he’s a perfectionist, so you can see why this irritates him). Well, tonight I got proof that the dog is not the culprit after all!!

3 thoughts on “The Parenting Hat: The Mini Culprit

  1. HA! Love this one -esp. pic of Logan laying and watching her. This is like a cartoon strip!

    AND the outfit looks adorable on adorable Kels.

    THanks for calling back – Love you all!