The Parenting Hat: Valentines for Kids

Kelsey made us the best Valentine! It’s a paper pink heart, with red painting and gold glitter. I took some photos of it so we can frame it and keep it always. I love the idea of framing kids art and displaying it around the house. Someone once said, “If it evokes emotion or reminds you of a great memory … frame and display it!”

As for Valentines, this year we are not taking paper cards or candy to school – but better yet, Play-Doh for her friends. I found a Play-Doh Valentine Set at the grocery store for $7. It came with stickers and 20 mini Play-Dohs.

The perfect Valentine for a two-year-old!

PS – The parents were asked not to address Valentine’s this year so the teachers could have an easier time distributing the Valentines. I get it. But still … addressing a Valentine to your school crush or your best friend – isn’t that half the fun of it?

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