The Personal Hat: Sticks and Stones …

Bullies are everywhere. And not just on the playground. I come across adult bullies all of the time. Sometimes I cross their path in traffic, at the grocery store, in a movie theater or at work. It’s not fun. When someone has an angry disposition and you cross their path: it can really ruin your day. But, it doesn’t have to. I’m trying (really hard) to dust myself off after being around a bully and just tell myself: Sticks and stones may break my bones, but words will never hurt me.
This photo was taken 2 weeks ago, while baby, daddy and I were at the park. This is my “happy place” and a photo that reminds me: I’m a mother. A strong, independent, crazy-in-love mother who is doing an amazing job raising a little girl! And I don’t care what others say. This is the most important job I have to do, and I’m doing it well. (That sentence deserves a big !!! at the end of it.)

She is my happy place

6 thoughts on “The Personal Hat: Sticks and Stones …

  1. Oh, I’m so sorry! I used to work with a woman who would literally send me emails with “are you really this incompetent?” in bold and underlined and my boss would not do anything to help me – it’s the worst feeling. You’re an awesome mom, great at your job, a wonderful friend and wife – don’t let anyone get you down. It’s Friday and I’m sure there’s a glass of wine and a weekend full of Kelsey time ahead of you 🙂

  2. Ugh, I HATE bullies. I’m so sorry friend. You are beautiful, you’re a great mommy and it’s easier said than done to ‘turn the other cheek’. BUT. You are doing amazing. Kelsey is gorgeous. And you are surrounded by SO many who love you. Me included. xo

  3. Amen sister! Between bully’s and mean girls sometimes you wonder if there are nice people in the universe. As hard as it is, brush it off, realize the many people in your life who are routing for you and love you and step away as the bigger person.