The Pet Owner Hat: Logan, Logan, Logan

My dog is a scene stealer. He loves the camera. He loves the attention. And he loves to either lurk in the background of nearly every photo I take of my daughter, or he jumps into the scene at the very last minute. I love him. I think he is the world’s best chocolate lab. But … he needs to learn to wait his turn. Yes, it’s true – no one takes solo photos of him anymore. Sniff. Sniff. But, don’t let that get to you – he’s extremely loved and a little too spoiled. Logan, I love you buddy. But please mooooooooooove.
See what I mean?

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6 thoughts on “The Pet Owner Hat: Logan, Logan, Logan

  1. Kristin – I have never seen this website before, that is pretty funny! Logan is a total bomb, it’s true! He does this every. single. time I get out the camera. 🙂