Gender Reveal Ideas

I feel like orphan Annie today, “Tomorrow, Tomorrow, the sun will come out tomorrow!” I just can’t wait until tomorrow. Why? Because at noon, I have a doctor’s appointment to find out if we are having another daughter or a son.

I had all of these great plans to reveal this to myself and my family: My favorite one was to have the doctor place a pink or blue sticker on a card. I would fold it over (without peeking, of course) then run home and ask Kelsey to open it and let me know what color it was. Such a great idea to get the entire family involved. But, I’m too much of a type A personality. I neeeeeeed to know as soon as I can. I tried, but this surprise gig isn’t for me.

For those of you who like a surprise below are some great ideas for a baby gender reveal. Click the links to below each photo to learn more.

Find out via icing in a cake!

Colored balloons in a box (love, love, love this)

Throw a party! Make party favors that allow guests to pick a side. Reveal at the end of the night.

Reveal in with a pretty photo (bow indicates the gender).

If you have a ridiculous creative bone in your body (seriously, read this story) then you can reveal it with a party and fireworks! Or, you can be like me and just find out in the doctor’s office with you and your husband. I can’t wait!

3 thoughts on “Gender Reveal Ideas

  1. I just went through this a couple of weeks ago. We had all these grand plans, but in the end we just had to know. And you know what? It was worth it to have that private moment. I still love watching other people’s gender reveal videos though… the reactions are always priceless 🙂