The Prego Hat: Morning Sickness Remedies

Sorry, this title is a bit deceiving. I don’t have the remedy.

I have tried every remedy for morning sickness I could find. I’ve been on Zofran for a while now, which takes away the vomiting part, but not the nausea. I just tried to get off this pill and, well … that wasn’t a pretty sight.

I giggle every time I look online and see ladies posting “remedies they swear works!” to cure morning sickness. From crystalized ginger and lollipops to cups of lemons to sniff (really?) and alfalfa tablets (sick). My favorite was when someone told me to “take afternoon naps”. Ha! I bet my boss would love it if I curled up in the conference room every day at noon.

I think the only that works is telling yourself “this is only temporary” and “I get an amazing baby at the end”. Plus, wishing and hoping you married the world’s best husband who will watch your toddler and let you crawl into bed at 7:30pm while he bathes your baby and does all of the cooking, cleaning and household chores (score for me).

Even then there are the days when you think – is this hangover, flu-like feeling ever going to go away. Ahh, the joys of pregnancy.

Here’s a link to Morning Sickness remedies, if you are desperate to try new things like I was. Good luck.