The Rivalry Hat: Our House Divided

My husband thinks we have a house divided: But we don’t. Our house favors my college University, over his. Why? Because I’m the mom. And I said so. (that’s one of those parent phrases, that I get to use and abuse now). Well, tomorrow our schools play each other in their annual football game. We invited my parents over for dinner to watch the game. We’re looking forward to some good banter. However, my dad was a football player at my University of choice, so my husband is really out numbered.
Anyway, tomorrow my husband and I are going to race each other home from work. Whoever is home first, picks up Kelsey from daycare first. And whoever picks her up from daycare first, gets to dress her in their collegiate onesie of choice. It’s not a literal race, but I’m still in it to win it.


Yes, Teri – that’s a Beefy Tee. Shhh …

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