The Seasonal Hat: Summer Storms, Take 2

There’s something so rad about our summer weather. Sure, it’s hotter than blazes, but it’s amazing how out of a clear blue sky can come a crazy dust storm, a radiant monsoon, or a ton of over-sized raindrops. Then, just as quickly as the storm comes, it leaves. We got another fun storm last weekend.

Kelsey and I were waiting in the car for daddy to return from Total Wine, when all of a sudden rain started pounding on our rooftop. I opened the sun roof and saw these beautiful over-sized raindrops.

Dribble. Dribble. Bang. Bang. That’s how it sounded. It was beautiful and so much fun to watch. It only lasted for four minutes, but it was enough time to snap a photo or two.

“Show mommy your painted nails, Kelsey.”