The Seasonal Hat: Wild ‘n Crazy Skies

During monsoon season, a gust of wind, rain or dust can appear out of a clear blue sky. We got our first monsoon storm tonight, in the form of a dust cloud. A very, very large dust cloud. As Ryan and I were driving home tonight, with baby safe and sound in the backseat, we turned the corner and saw this beautiful blue sky. Then, as we turned another corner, the climate of the sky changed in an instant. Here, take a look.

This is what we saw.

Then, we turned the corner and saw this. 

As I snapped a few photos from my phone, my husband accelerated so we could beat the storm home. We were seconds away from being enveloped in dust, when we turned the corner, and pulled into our garage. We immediatly shut the garage door and sat in silence.

1, 2, 3, 4 … the storm hit. We heard rumbling, shaking and could almost feel the dirt hitting the walls of the garage.  But, we were safe and sound in our home. More importantly, baby was safe and sound. In fact, she kind of enjoyed the sounds. Here are some photos I took.

As the storm passed, Ryan and I went into the backyard to witness the dirty damage. We found layers upon layers of dirt. This was a messy monsoon.

It’s even worse in the pool. As we stepped outside, Ryan stood beside the pool with his mouth wide open. You see, the pool used to sparkle, which is a testament to his weekend labor. But, it’s all apart of the beauty of monsoon season – and the reason people love them. You learn to expect the unexpected. And, you get to see mother nature do her thing. Welcome, monsoon season.

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