The Self Hat: Vanity

I don’t really take photos of myself anymore. I don’t know if it’s because I’m more insecure than ever, or less vain. Either way, I kind of forgot what Ryan and I looked like on film. Our daughter is the star of the show now – but it is nice to glance over photos (of just a year ago!) and think, so this is what we looked like newlywed, well-rested and without a care in the world. As great as I thought we looked then, I still think the overworked, bags under the eyes, is that a wrinkle? look suits us just fine. This weekend, I’ll make it a point to take more photos of us. The new us. The us, as parents, but also the us as a married couple who is forever dating.

First comes love

Then comes marriage

Then comes …

How in the heck did I used to fit into those jeans?

3 thoughts on “The Self Hat: Vanity

  1. Be sure to get some casual photos of the baby with BOTH parents in the photo. My teenager thinks it hilarious when she sees us with her as a baby and she loves to say “OMG, look how young YOU were!”

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