The Sentimental Hat: Music

May I make a suggestion? One of the best gifts you can give a new mother is the gift of music. I remember receiving Celtic Dreamland and Jewel’s Lullaby CD’s from relatives. We took these albums with us to the hospital – and while we were all in recovery, we listened to this music nonstop. The nurses would come into our room to find the lights dim and the music on. Now, everytime I listen to these albums, it takes me back to that hospital room. To that place when it was just us three. Before the sleepless nights. Before the chaos. And before any of us had a clue who we were about to become. 

I started a book for my baby. I write in it about once a week. I’ve been doing this since she was born. One day, I’ll give her this book – along with these two albums. Just so she knows how happy she’s made her mommy. And, no matter where life takes her: I’ll always have these songs to remind me of how far we have all come. I hope you let the gift of music into your life, like we have. I think everyone deserves something to listen to that will bring them back to That Moment when their life became more than just about living.

two days old

Motherhood has been more than I could have ever asked for. Before I was a mom, I never knew this.