The Shopper Hat: Exclusive Savings – Shop by Dec 1

I was shopping online when I came across a company called, pilloh! – they make eco-friendly pillows in fun, whimsical designs. I was able to virtually meet the designer who offered to give us an exclusive discount! If you love them as much as I do – shop by December 1, 2010 and enjoy exclusive savings.
These decorative pillows will make a great holiday, baby shower, or I-deserve-this-just-because gift. I’m torn between the alphabet pillow and the elephant pink pillow. Decisions … decisions … Each 14×14 pillow features 100% organic twill cover and are made with eco-friendly, water based inks. So, you can feel good about purchasing.
View the details below to learn how to get your discount.

Elephant Pillow
$42 – For my blog readers $37

Wise Owl Pillow
$42 – For my blog readers $37

Alphabet Pillow
$42 – For my blog readers $37 

Sit. Stay. Pillow
$42 – For my blog readers $37

Simply order your favorite design at pilloh! by December 1, 2010 and receive $5 off your total purchase. Enter BABYCROSS at check-out. Enjoy!

6 thoughts on “The Shopper Hat: Exclusive Savings – Shop by Dec 1

  1. Can’t decide between pillows?

    Simply choose two!

    They pair beautifully – [Alphabet + Cow] or [Alphabet + Owl] or [Pink Monkey + Pink Elephant] look very sharp together.

    1. I think the alphabet one is adorable. I also love the monkey – so many choices! Thanks for designing such great pieces and for giving us a great discount.

  2. LOVE this Steph! Recently I have been on the hunt for unique throw pillows and this site has so many cute designs. Can’t wait to shop AND use the special discount. Thanks for sharing.

  3. Hi. I discovered your blog on Lisa’s facebook. I enjoyed reading your blog. Cute pillows. I only use organic and wool pillows for my daughter and my family. these have very cute designs though!
    Sincerely, Adriana