The Sister Hat: That’s how you do it

Spencer won the largest dog ever in Disneyland. He was playing a baseball carnival game when he scored big! Not too surprising to me, Spencer has yet to meet a sport that he can’t excel at. He’s gifted in that way. Want to know how he did it? Look, it’s this simple.

First you wind up.

Then you point your back foot as you let go of the ball.

Keep your focus, even when your brother tries to distract you.

You win!!!! Now, go tell the man behind the counter you want that yellow dog. Yes, make sure you pick out the stuffed animal that is too large to fit in your suitcase and too large to fly home with you on the plane. (I told you, he’s really good at this stuff)

Pick up your winnings.

Congratulations. Quick, take one last photo. Proudly displaying your winnings before gifting this “Doogie” to your niece for her to love and cherish forever.

And that’s how it’s done.

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