The Traditional Hat: The Elf on a Shelf

My sister-in-law introduced us to a new Christmas tradition. It’s a tradition that we’ve adopted and we’re going to do every year.

Here’s how it works:
Santa sends mom and dad an elf to place on a shelf in your home. There is a storybook included so you can share the rules with your children. Each night the elf will fly back to the North Pole to tell Santa if your kids have been naughty or nice. He’ll reappear in the morning (in a different place in your home: the bathroom, the den, the kitchen) and each morning your kids have to find the elf!
The elf can’t talk to the kids – it’s Santa’s rule. And they aren’t allowed to touch the elf or his “magic” powers might wear off and he won’t be able to report back to Santa. He hangs around all holiday season as Santa’s helper. The great thing is, you can talk to him and he’ll share your wishes with Santa. The night before Christmas, his job is over. He’ll leave to join Santa for the rest of the year. But don’t worry – he’ll be back next year!

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3 thoughts on “The Traditional Hat: The Elf on a Shelf

  1. we were just talking about this at Sunday’s cookie exchange, i absolutely love it! when i have kids this will defiently be a christmas “must-have”.

  2. i discovered that one of the christmas tree decorations that i have from my mom is the elf on the shelf.. looks the same byt wayyy older she has had it for ever it was passed down to me when i started decorationg ok im lying i stole all her christmas decorations.. so i told my daugther that it was the elf on the tree and everyday i would move it