The Travel Hat: Austin Restaurants

Since my brothers live in Austin, they were able to point us in the right direction when it came to restaurants we would love. We wish we had more time to experience the city, but by the looks of our restaurant list, we did pretty well. Here is a peek into the many restaurants we visited – in the order in which we indulged.

1. Taverna, downtown Austin
Great little place where we enjoyed brunch with my mom and my brothers. It was Sunday and they had the World Cup soccer game on (finals) and $1 mimosa’s and $1 bellini’s. Delish.

2. Lambert’s barbeque
Our first dinner in Austin didn’t disappoint. At Lambert’s, we ate downstairs (jalapeno brocoli, beef brisket and smoked chicken) and then headed upstairs for a post-dinner drink. We sipped on wine and beer as we listed to the sounds of a great jazz trio.

3. Amy’s Ice Creams
Spencer told us we had to try Amy’s Ice Cream (it’s a local favorite). No kidding. I ordered the “Buttery Apple Pie with Graham Cracker Crust”. While in line, the employees would pick people at random, then have them back up against the wall and hold out their cup. Then, they would throw a spoonful of ice cream at them. If you caught the ice cream in your cup … it was free.

4. W Austin, Trace Restaurant
I’m assuming Trace was responsible for the amazing in-room dining at W Austin. We ordered fruit, bagels, eggs and french pressed coffee to start our day.

5. Bess Bistro (Sandy’s Restaurant)
If you go to Austin, you have to check out Bess’s Bistro. It’s Sandra Bullock’s restaurant and the hype lives up to the name. The hostess greeted us with a smile and a question, “Do you want a table or booth, darlin‘?” I turned to Ryan and giggled, “She called me darlin’!” The restaurant smelled amazing, the decor was “darling” and the food was great. 

6. Austin Java Cafe & Coffeehouse
After two hours of walking around and seeing the sights, we stopped for a little java. Ryan checked a local map while I sipped on a skinny vanilla latte and lusted over these cupcakes in the window.

7. Barchi Sushi (Happy Hour)
We were happy to find amazing sushi in downtown Austin. The service was great and the sushi rolls were even better. My husband’s favorite? The $1.50 sake bombs. He had four! (Proof you can take the man out of college, but you can’t take the college kid out of the man).

For the next part of the trip, I missed out. I was attending a Starwood conference so Ryan explored the city solo. Here is where he ate along the way.

8. The Mighty Cone (food truck)
Fried chicken, friend avocado, fried pickle. He loved. Sounds horrible, but he said it was great.

9. Hey Cupcake, Food Truck in Austin 
All I know about this stop was Ryan ate a perfectly plump “red velvet cupcake” and I was extremely jealous. He said he had to eat it fast because it was hotter than blazes out there, and this food truck didn’t come with any shaded benches.

10. Alamo Drafthouse
Ryan and Spencer went to Alamo Drafthouse for dinner and a movie. They had dinner, beer and watched Harry Potter. Ryan ate a “Blue Buffalo” – blue cheese, buffalo wing sauce burger. Now, that sounds good.

11. Texas Chili Parlor
Ryan walks into the Texas Chili Parlor and the music stopped. Figuratively. He said he felt out-of-place, but quickly grabbed a seat at the bar and felt a little more at ease. This place has been an Austin staple since 1976 so he had to try it. What did he eat? Spicy chili, of course.

I promise, we did more than just eat. We went out to the bars, checked out the sights, caught a show at Austin City Limits. I’ll prove it with more photos later. I hope you are enjoying your weekend. We sure are!

6 thoughts on “The Travel Hat: Austin Restaurants

  1. ummmmm…caught a show at Austin City Limits??? Like its no big deal! We are obsessed! Who did you see??

    1. Sam, you crack me up! We went to a private taping of Miranda Lambert for ACL. She was perfect. I’ll post photos. Have you been to Austin? You have to go! You would love the music scene.

  2. The best part is, this is an average week for us in Austin! I actually work at Amy’s ice cream and we’re so glad you came to check us out!