The Traveling Hat: If You Were a Bug

If you were a bug who sat on my shoulder all day, here is what you would have done: You would have arrived at the airport bright and early, boarded a flight to San Diego and arrived at the fabulous US GRANT Hotel for a marketing meeting.

Then, you would have checked into The Westin Gaslamp for lunch and another presentation to 4 hotels, including W San Diego (one of your favorites!). After your meetings, you would have realized that your flight home was delayed, so you would have grabbed a bite to eat and a glass of wine with your co-worker and friend, Jordan.

You would not have liked the wine at Craft & Commerce, but you would have loved the great service and the eye-catching restaurant merchandising.

Upon arriving at the airport, you would have had extra time to waste, so you would have bought an over-priced and silly-looking monkey from the airport gift shop for your daughter.

Then, you would have boarded the wrong flight, departing to San Jose. You would have been grateful that the flight attendant stopped you mid-way to the plane to tell you, “Stephanie? Stephanie? You’re on the wrong flight. Not sure where you are headed, but this isn’t it”. You would have been confused and surprisingly not embarrassed by this mishap. Instead, you would have shrugged your shoulders and said, “Oops” to yourself before walking against traffic back to the terminal to find the correct gate.

You would have found yourself at the right gate, in just enough time to grab a middle seat in between two strangers.

Two strangers, whom you end up talking to the entire way home. Scratch that … two strangers whom you end up laughing with the entire flight home. You snap a photo of them for your blog as proof that it’s really fun flying, traveling and opening your mind up to meet new people.

You would have arrived home with just enough time to write this post, sneak into Kelsey’s room to say goodnight, chat with your husband and complete a Star-of-the-Month form for Kelsey’s school (she was chosen by her teachers!). Lastly, you would have packed her bag for school tomorrow before heading up to bed. And that is what today would have looked like for you, if you were a bug on my shoulder.