The Vacation Hat: One. Week. Off.

The best feeling in the world was jumping on my laptop this afternoon and forgetting my password. That’s right – I have been on vacation that long. I have been off work that long and I have been away from my computer that long. I loved it. Every single moment.

My friends are always suggesting Ryan and I take more vacations – frankly because I work for a hotel company and it makes sense to take mini breaks on the cheap. But, we rarely do. Except when my husband recently suggested that we take 5 days off work and just goooo. So, I put in a request for 40 PTO hours (eeek) and off we went.

We didn’t fly to Hawaii or drive to the beach, better yet – we drove 3 hours away from our home into a cabin in the woods. Sure, it’s not your average cabin (there’s a movie theater inside) but it’s in the wilderness and we did see a bear this weekend digging in our trash. So, it’s pretty much like camping. Kind of.

The best part? 80 degrees was the high. We spent our mornings lakeside feeding ducks and playing at a local park. Then, we would bike ride around the entire neighborhood and pick out our dream cabins. (Bike riding at 5 months pregnant is quiet the adventure. I had to reeeeally push to get up some major hills. I won’t get into details, but it created some memorable moments).

We did a lot of this: movies, sleep, card games, big breakfasts, nature walks, art festivals, puzzles, eating and visiting with our families. I can honestly say I feel a sense of “ahhhhhh” going into this work week. My girlfriends (especially this one – who lives for a good vacay) are right – vacations should be made a priority.

Here are some snapshots of our vacation.

My favorite photo of her.

This child has yet to meet a swing that she likes.

I tried to get a belly photo for you.

Then, the girls went to the country art fair to see what we could find.

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