The Weekend Hat: Farmers Market

We always find treasures at the Farmers Market – usually found at a vendor’s cart that peeks Kelsey’s interest the most. Typically, Kelsey’s favorite cart is filled with gelato but today it was “Stinkin’ Cute Soap“. The soaps were $5/ bar and were made in nearly every color and flavor you could imagine. What flavor did she choose? Why the hot pink and zebra one, of course.

Click to enlarge and see the “Stinkin’ Cute” soap flavors.

Picking out “the pink one” for Kelsey.

I was tempted to buy more soaps, wrap them in twine, and then give them away as Christmas gifts. How perfect for teacher’s gifts, no?

Hey, Grandma, say, “Cheese”.

 $.40/ lb and she wants the largest one they have. Figures.

Enjoying a pop and jammin’ to Adele’s Rumour Has It on the way home.