The Wellness Hat: How do you do it?

When you find yourself stressed to the max, write what is really bothering you. Make sure you do it in a bulleted format so you don’t have room to elaborate. Chances are, you’ll look at your list and think – Really? That’s it? It feels like a lot in your head, but when it’s on paper, it’s not so bad. Go on, give it a whirl.

Here’s my current list:

– We are currently re-flooring our house.
– We found mold.
– We have 12 holes in our house due to recent renovations.
– Our refrigerator light just went out. It’s pretty dark in there.
– I stepped on my headphones and broke them.
– Work stress. Enough said.
– Our cat is licking himself sore. Literally. $150 vet bill.
– The dog has ticks. So gross.
– We are two men down at work. Which means, larger load for all.
– I got jury duty assigned to me last night, day before Thanksgiving.
– I just recovered from a 3-day migraine.
– Kelsey is taking forever to get to sleep at night.
– Totally forgot it was Picture Day at school.
– “Our pets heads are falling off!” You know that movie, right?

See, when I write it all down it doesn’t sound so bad at all. Besides, you have to remember this quote because it’s true. I am guilty too, I try to make things perfect all of the time and it’s really okay when things don’t go according to plans. When I try to balance everything, I end up spreading myself to thin. Don’t be so hard on yourself, don’t try to do it all, just take little steps, deep breaths and learn to let go of the things you can’t change. Remember … you’re doing the best you can.

4 thoughts on “The Wellness Hat: How do you do it?

    1. I’m so glad you left a comment, because then I could see how darling your blog is. I have to say, the title takes the cake. Good taste.

  1. Uh, anyone who would look at your list and say “that’s all?” has a serious problem. The flooring and pet problems alone would put me over the edge! Have a pest control company spray the backyard really well for ticks and get Logan dipped – and when it freezes, it will really wipe them out (we did this like a year ago). Also, wear your biggest cross and carry a Bible to jury selection – and toss around a few racial slurs. You’ll be out in no time 😉 Hang in there!!

    1. You make me laugh. I nearly jumped over the edge about the mold. Jury duty, seriously? I’m taking your advice on all fronts.