The Wife Hat: Date Night

Kelsey grandparents came over tonight so we could go on date night. We made it a sushi night. We went to our favorite sushi restaurant and ordered the same thing we have been getting for the last 5 years: 1 Kirin Light, 1 Chardonnay, 1 Vegas Roll, 1 Tootsie Maki Roll and 1 Crazy Monkey Roll. Yum! If you’re from where we are from, then you recognize this restaurant.

We have some of our best conversations at restaurants. This restaurant in particular. It’s the place we went the night after he proposed. It’s the place we went the night before we found out we were having a baby. It’s the place we’ve celebrated so many friends’ birthdays. It’s our place. We have a favorite booth. We have a favorite spot at the sushi bar. And hopefully we will continue to enjoy this place for many more dates to come. So, here’s to the start of a wonderful and relaxing Labor Day weekend!

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