The Wife Hat: Music History for Two

My music-loving husband and I visited The Music Instrument Museum. We spent about 2.5 hours looking at exhibits and gallery’s featuring over 10,000 instruments from around the world. Rich on history and interactive fun, we had a blast and learned a lot.

Upon arrival, you get a pair of headphones. As you enter each exhibit your headphones will automatically allow you to hear music from the country/ time period you are visiting. What a thrill this place is.

The MIM cafe has amazing food, wine and beer selections while giving you a great place to rest your feet. Downstairs is the fun interactive stuff where Ryan and I got to play guitars, bang some banjos and I got to hit a massive “gong”. Pretty fun stuff, I would highly recommend you visit.


Eric Clapton’s “Brownie”


Steve Vai = one of Ryan’s favorites.


The whistle = the only instrument in the entire place I can play.

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