The Wife Hat: Not Gonna Happen

I found this adorable idea online. I immediately thought to myself, this is darling. i could totally do this. in fact, i have the supplies. i’m doing it tomorrow. Then, in complete excitement, I turned to my husband and shared this lovey dovey idea.

“Look, babe! I can make this cute frame and each day we can write love notes to each other in dry erase marker. Won’t that be fun?” He glanced up from the book he was reading and looked at me with this long stare. His eyes never blinked and then suddenly he cocked his head to the right as if to say, “You’re kidding me, right?”

Without exchanging any words, I gave him a look back like, “Come on. It’s cute! Love notes. Yay.” He continued to look at me like, “Love notes? To each other? Each morning? On a girlie picture frame made from scrapaper that is probably scented?” I then squinted my nose at him, made a dramatic exit and filed this under, cute-idea-but-ain’t-never-gonna-happen-in-this-household.

I can’t wait until Kelsey is older. She’ll do this stuff with me. #MEN!

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