The Wife Hat: Pick a Baby Gate, Already!

My husband isn’t an impulsive shopper. He has to research the item that he wants for weeks before he makes a decision. He is now researching the perfect baby gate – in the meantime, we are using a baby bouncer, an ottoman, pillows, a large sombrero and an outdoor chair to fill the void. Sometimes I wish he was a bit more impulsive of a shopper. Just pick a baby gate, already!

4 thoughts on “The Wife Hat: Pick a Baby Gate, Already!

  1. I recently posted a very similar picture! We’re having the same exact problem in our house. I keep trying to gently lead my husband the make the choice (that I already made weeks ago). Now it’s just a waiting game until he comes around to thinking it was his idea 😉

    1. haha! I just saw your photo. Exactly my point, I think this post finally did the trick. He was on last night – and I think the baby gate was purchased. Now, if it’s the right one – that’s a different story.

  2. Peter is so that guy. We bought the Saftey First gate and it’s awesome. It’s pressure mounted and it’s made to fit uneven surfaces – so if your baseboard sticks out further than the wall, it can be adjusted to fit. It comes with a bracket to mount it to a wall or for you, a banister. They do make some that automatically shut themselves so that you don’t have to remember to shut it each time. Try too. Good luck!!

  3. Thanks, Beth! I will pass along the link to the husband. This is why I loving having friends with babies older than mine – I get to know all of the perks, tips and best advice. Thanks again!