The Working Hat: The Feeling at Night

I’ve been up all night working and it’s about time I go to bed. But my mind is going a mile a minute thinking about everything I have to do tomorrow. It’s pretty difficult for me to dream of sugar plums when all I can think about are landing pages, marketing plans and budgets.

So, I did a quick online search.

I searched on flickr, Google Images and Pinterest for “peaceful images.” Images of the night sky. Images of a lake with a few ripples of water showcasing slight motion. Images of a lighthouse overlooking the ocean. Images of the moon. Images of the stars. Images of silence.

My mind instantly felt at ease. It might be worth trying the next time you find yourself up all night. Below are some peaceful images that helped me. Aren’t they lovely?

If you have any tips for relieving stress, do tell.

One thought on “The Working Hat: The Feeling at Night

  1. i swear, i have been experiencing the same symptoms, and don’t start dosing off until 1a.m. or later. next time i am trying your method, thanks for sharing!