The Working-Mom Hat: Ann Curry’s Best Tips for Working Moms

Thank you, Ann Curry! Just when I was about to lose my mind, wondering how I am supposed to be super-working mom, I found an article by USA Today. Ann Curry gives them her best tips for working moms. I have to say, it always helps me so much to look at successful business women and try to emulate (even if it just a fraction) their work-life model.

The article is good. Like, really good. View the full article here.

Tip #12: Remember this too shall pass.

“Every year of a child’s life is a new chapter and that chapter will end. If you feel overwhelmed because your child won’t eat his vegetables, that is going to end. If you feel overwhelmed because he’s having trouble in first grade, learning how to read, guess what, he will read, however long he takes.

Your job is not to fret but support him. Whatever stress and strain you feel being a mother at this moment, that stress and strain is going to come to an end and then a new chapter will begin. Motherhood is never ending, but the particular demands will end and you will rise through them, no matter what, to the next chapter.” – Ann Curry