The Working Mom Hat: Boardroom Swap

If you’re a corporate working mom, like I am, then you’ve done the boardroom swap. It’s when you spend all day in a corporate boardroom with Executives – only to run home, swap your heels for flats, put down the laptop, pick up the diaper bag, toss your hair in a ponytail and run to your child’s daycare; hoping you have just enough time to chat with the teacher before jetting off to the Pediatrician’s office for your child’s end of day wellness visit.

It’s funny how quickly we can go from the boardroom to the waiting room. Isn’t it? We alternate between two rooms (two lives, really) that require two totally different “hats”. We change our clothing from corporate chic to functional fashion and we change our mindset from Manager to Mommy – sometimes, within minutes of one another.

Corporate working moms live a crazy life of go-switch-go, which can be very stressful at times, but it can also be very rewarding. I manage this juggling act 5 days out of a week, and have to say that sometimes a glass bottle of red wine, your iPod and a bubble bath is the best remedy for the daily stress. Only now, with kids, that bubble bath has to be penciled in or it ain’t happening.

For the curious, Kelsey’s 18 month old stats:

  • 24.3 lbs (50%)
  • 33 1/2 in (90-95%)

2 thoughts on “The Working Mom Hat: Boardroom Swap

  1. Oh my word! I am so used to my boy being ginormous that I forget how big he is. He is definitely the size of a 4 yr. old and not even 2! I give you major props for finding the balance between two totally different worlds. I am a stay-at-home mom and I think at least once a day “How does anyone do this AND that?”.