Well, at least Kelsey got a vacation.

This Labor Day, Kelsey went with my in-laws to the family cabin in Pinetop, Arizona. She got to ride bikes, run around in the park, roast s’mores and lounge around with her cousins. Meanwhile, Ryan and I stayed back home with Colton.

We spent all weekend trying to nurse him back to health. It was probably one of the hardest weekends we have ever had, as parents. He wouldn’t sleep more than 20 minutes during the day, and then on Saturday night – well, it was rough.

Let’s just say we were giving him a 2am bath and then (as a last resort) we strolled him around in his stroller, in circles in our living room. Yep, if you’re a parent you know exactly what this night was like. That moment when you will do anything (anything!) to get your child to sleep. He was up from 7pm – 10pm, 11pm – 4am.. That was fun.

Here’s a peek into Kelsey’s weekend – from the pictures, the stories and the many times we FaceTime’d this weekend, I’d say she had an amazing Labor Day weekend. The cabin is just glowing – and if you ask me, it’s just begging Ryan and I to come up and visit.

pinetop cabin

The view looking in at the back porch.


Cousin “baby Lexi” at the park


Connor “Kelsey’s best friend” and cousin
.summer  The girl knows how to pose just about anywhere.

Best. Outfit. Ever.
 .summer funpinetop